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From Film to Preschool Teacher | GTGAJ S1E10 feat. Maya Landau

Welcome to the tenth episode of the Get This Girl a Job, the podcast that answers your questions about transitioning from college to the professional world by demystifying the post-graduation job search process.

Katie and I interview recent college graduates to talk about the steps they took to get their first job in different industries. The questions follow the development of their career from their first year of college, to how their field of study changed, to the internships they had over the summer, to how they got hired for their very first job! We take turns conducting interviews, and every third week, we co-host a mini-episode answering questions from the audience.

Following Your Dreams

I am so excited to introduce you to Maya Landau.

Maya Landau.jpg

Maya graduated from The University of Chicago in 2017. In the months after the election, she decided to change paths from film and pursue teaching. Today she lives her 25th hour lifestyle to the fullest working as a preschool teacher and getting her masters in education.

Maya has lots of advice to share about finding the right mentors, not being afraid to change your path, and standing up for what you believe in.

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A huge thank you to Maya Landau for sharing her story, to Stephanie Dorris for designing our logo, and to Parker Mee for editing the episode.

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