Get This Girl a Job

A podcast for the college woman developing her career goals and applying to her first job.

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Katie Melbourne and Rosana Rabines interview recent college graduates to talk about the steps they took to get their first job. The questions follow the development of their career trajectory from their first year of college, to how their field of study changed, to the internships they had over the summer, to how they got hired for their very first job! We take turns conducting interviews, and every third week, we co-host a mini-episode answering questions from the audience.

The goal is to provide actionable advice for college women facing the challenges of the job search process. The podcast aims to empower women to learn from others in their chosen field and cultivate a culture of women supporting women.

The first season of Get this Girl a Job is available on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Anchor, and Google Play.

Listen to the Teaser here!


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