Staying Healthy While Abroad

This week’s installment of Ro&Co features my very special guest, Martina, who recently started her own blog, DTM! Martina shares her tips for staying healthy while she’s off galavanting around Europe for her study abroad!


Hello everyone! I’m Martina, one of three members of DTM Blog (short for Doing the Most). I’m currently studying abroad in Paris, and I’m having a great time; I’ve had at least 100 pains au chocolat, a ton of picnics with wine and cheese, and have been hanging out with friends 24/7. It’s been so relaxing and so much fun, but it’s been tough to stay healthy. So, with my *seasoned* experienced, I thought I’d offer some things I’ve been doing to keep myself on track, both physically and mentally, during my study abroad experience.


#1 Move Your Body

Honestly, this has been insanely easy to do. While I’m not huge on exercising while I’m at school (I get lazy) I’ve been checking my steps every day and am constantly amazed at myself. Paris is a hilly city and has the most stairs I’ve ever climbed in my life, and I haven’t gone a single day without getting a good walk in. You can make it a social event, and sightsee with others, or go solo! There are perks to both, and your body will thank you if you’re wearing comfy shoes.

#2 Don’t Isolate Yourself

Reach out to people, hang out, and do your best to surround yourself with positivity if you’re feeling low or lonely. Absolutely don’t hesitate to reach out. You might not be around people you’re very close to, but chances are they’re just as excited to make the best of this experience as you are and would be glad to help you, hang out, or keep you company.


#3 Give Yourself Down Time

While you shouldn’t isolate yourself, however, it is good to find a balance. If you’ve been running around doing amazing things for several days and need a personal break, there’s nothing wrong with calling it a night and watching some tv. You won’t miss anything! And if you’re studying abroad for a while, chances are you’ll have several chances to make up for the experience (I’ve been to the Louvre three times).


#4 Sleep!

Once you’ve been in Europe (or anywhere with a time difference) for more than a week or two, I can promise you you’re no longer jet lagged. If you find yourself nodding off in class, getting really sleepy while looking at a painting at Centre Pompidou, or seeking more than 3 cafés noisette in the span of a few hours, you’re definitely just tired. Being abroad can be really exciting, but it’s so so necessary to get adequate sleep! You’ll feel so much more refreshed and ready to go if you get a good amount every night.

#5 Eat All the Food Groups

France is LITERALLY composed of bread, cheese, Nutella, and wine. These are delicious, but sooner rather than later your body will ask you for some veggies, fresh fruit, proteins, and water. Listen to it! If it’s too expensive and/or difficult to get these from restaurants, make a trip to an outdoor market or a grocery store. Try to bring healthy snacks with you places, and make sure you don’t get dehydrated.

#6 Have fun!

Do your best to breathe, chill, and make the most out of your experience! I’ve been so relaxed that I’ve missed at least 2 deadlines (don’t do that). But seriously, remember you’re likely having a once-in-a-lifetime experience and hopefully surrounded by wonderful people.

Staying healthy on this trip has been a challenge so far, but I refuse to give up! It’s the only way to stay thriving on this European adventure 🙂


If you’d like to learn more about me, catch my art-related posts on DTM, and follow us on Instagram @dtmblog.

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