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Inclusive Astronomy and Leadership | S1E5 GTGAJ feat. Lauren Chambers

Welcome to the fifth episode of the Get This Girl a Job, the podcast that answers your questions about transitioning from college to the professional world by demystifying the post-graduation job search process.

Rosana and I interview recent college graduates to talk about the steps they took to get their first job in different industries. The questions follow the development of their career from their first year of college, to how their field of study changed, to the internships they had over the summer, to how they got hired for their very first job! We take turns conducting interviews, and every third week, we co-host a mini-episode answering questions from the audience.

Being a Mentor in STEM

I had the pleasure of interviewing Lauren Chambers for today’s episode of Get This Girl a Job.

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Lauren majored in Astrophysics and African American Studies, graduating from Yale in 2017. She now lives in Baltimore, Maryland and works at the Space Telescope Science InstituteHer many different identities include a scientist, a programmer, and a mentor, focusing much of her college experience on creating inclusive, positive environments for younger students. 


Lauren has great advice to share about being a leader as well as finding out what you truly want to do by reflecting on your experiences.

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A huge thank you to Lauren Chambers for sharing her story, and to Stephanie Dorris for designing our logo.

Hi! I'm Katie Melbourne. I grew up in Bettendorf, Iowa and currently attend Yale University majoring in Physics and Astronomy. Rosana Rabines and I are co-hosts of the Get This Girl a Job podcast, created to help demystify the job search for recent female college graduates. With a combined interest in scientific research and communication, my career goals involve working toward the advancement of science through policy development and public education.

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