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Finals are here, we are drowning. Did you forget that it’s also the last week that you’ll see the people getting you through them? Here are cheap (and Amazon Prime-able!) gifts for those 10 friends you have in college.

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T-minus 5 days (and 4 finals) to Winter Break. Call me crazy, but it may have slipped your mind to get a little something for the most important people in your life: your college friends. So here are 10 (Amazon Prime ready!) gifts to make their finals week and tell them just how much you love them.

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The Srat Queen

She’s the HBIC of recruitment and lives in letters. With endless energy for a night out, and the wherewithal to change out of pin attire and into frat clothes in less than five minutes, she is the champion of your sorority’s dreams. Since she has letters from every special assessment, you may find a bangle like this one or a necklace like this could be the one piece of paraphernalia she doesn’t have yet.

The Wine Mom

Unlike your resident Srat Queen, your Wine Mom hasn’t been in a frat since her first year. Instead, she picks up a bottle (or box) during every grocery trip. She’s always up for a movie night, and will listen to your 3 AM rants with her fridge fully stocked. Maybe she doesn’t need another bottle of wine, but some wine socks or a DIY Wine Glass could definitely make her smile.

The Naturally Smart One

Ok so technically you all got into the same school, but sometimes things come just a little too easily for her. Maybe she’s a premed that decides to take a million and one classes and somehow manages to volunteer at the hospital, do research, and still find time to hang out with you. She could probably use a dorky coffee mug or a fuzzy blanket to keep her warm while studying.

The Foodie

She is your weekend queen. Always game to go downtown to try a new restaurant and excited to try to cook a new meal, she’s the one that keeps you connected to the world beyond campus. Don’t try to get her a gift card because her favorite restaurant changes every week, but maybe a subscription to Bon Appetite or a Ratatouille t-shirt might work for her.

The Ray of Sunshine

This is the happiest person you know. Endless enthusiasm pours through her veins, and somehow she’s like this before and after her coffee. When she’s running at a million miles an hour with all that energy, she’ll appreciate anything you give her. You can’t go wrong with an adorable elephant planter for her apartment.

The Therapist

She’s the one you turn to when things get rough. Unlike the way the Wine Mom likes to judge you, she makes time to listen to you when you need it the most. The queen of treat-yo-self, her apartment is fully stocked with candles and facemasks. She probably could use a little slice of zen like this (fake) plant or this adorable bicycle throw pillow.

The Drama Queen

Your walking Gossip Girl always has a story to tell you and you can’t wait to hear what she dug up this week. Other people might think she’s a little over the top, but you embrace it because there’s no one else’s middle of the night escapades you’d rather listen to. She could probably use (or know someone who definitely needs) one of my friend Emily’s Hoe on the Go bags.

The Future CEO

She’s probably running at least two clubs on campus and plotting a world takeover in a matter of months. You could not be more ready to join her empire and watch her run it all. Maybe you could get her a giftcard to Starbucks or this adorable mug that reminds her just how much of boss she is.

The Fashionista

From 8 AM at the gym to 1 AM in the library, this girl always looks put together. While you’re sitting there trying to figure out just how long you can go before it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to do laundry, she’s already changed outfits twice that day and will probably switch at least once more. She could probably use a dope pair of sunglasses or a gorgeous watch set!

The Outdoorsman

This girl loves trees and hiking and everything outdoorsy. She spends her breaks as a child of the forest and the mountains. You know she’s homesick when she starts trying to plan hiking trips in Illinois despite the fact that the midwest is flat. She needs a tree tapestry like this one to keep her from losing her mind.


Don’t forget almost all these gifts can be here before you leave after your finals so make sure you grab them today! #godblessamazonprime

Which one of these friends are you? What are you getting for your squad?

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Xoxo, Rosana

This post is part of my Festive Favorites series, that makes shopping for gifts for the important people as easy as possible. Check out my previous post about gifts for the health nut here!

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