6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Formal Recruitment

Whether you believe in sisterhood, or dismiss greek life entirely, few campuses around the country are exempt from the craziness of formal recruitment. After hearing all the rumors my first year, I decided to bite the bullet and go through formal recruitment last fall. Although at times overwhelming and not at all what I expected, by the end of the weekend, I had a family on campus. These are what I wish I knew when going through recruitment this time last year.

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1.The Days are Long

Depending on your schedule, you can have a lot of down time between parties. Bring homework and other entertainment to keep you going. This could also include comfortable shoes to change into and maybe some shorts if you’re going to be hanging out for a while.

2. Bring Sustenance

You will get hungry, you will get thirsty, you will get tired. Now that school is kicking into gear and homework is taking more than enough time, we’re all familiar with our local coffee IV. Bringing your preferred caffeine source will help you keep your energy up for the parties.

There will be snacks during the parties. We work really hard to make the snacks and they’re usually pretty good so take the chance during the speeches or videos at the beginnings of the parties to eat them. If you have dietary preferences or allergies, like me, it’s essential to have your own snacks to eat between the parties.


3. What You Wear Doesn’t Really Matter

Most people fixate on their hair, makeup, and outfits. Of course first impressions are important, but as long as you look presentable, the connection you make while talking to each sister is most important. To this effect, use the clothes you have in your closet rather than buying entirely new outfits.

4. Come with an Open Mind

Before I rushed, I had heard a lot of different things about each sorority, both good and bad. It was clear after my first day which sorority I fit with the best. Although I had walked in thinking I would be in a different sorority, I found my place with a better match for me. For me and many of my friends, changing our minds about where we belonged (whether it was considering an organization we hadn’t thought of or finding that greek life wasn’t for you).

5. Think About What it Will Be Like to Actually Be in the Sorority

Sororities are more than just friend groups. You will likely have to work with the other members to put on philanthropy events and may have an opportunity for leadership. I think I focused too much at first on being accepted rather than thinking about the kind of women I wanted to work with.

6. Have Fun

Formal recruitment is an awesome opportunity to meet women throughout the panhellenic community at your university. Even if you decided not to join any organization, you will see many of these faces throughout campus over the next few years. You will also get to know the group that you are placed with for the recruitment process. Many of my best friends today were in this group, and several of them are my sisters today.


Recruitment can be incredibly stressful, but with snacks, comfy shoes, and an open mind it can be a ton of fun.

What do you wish you knew before you went through recruitment?

Good Luck!

Xoxo, Rosana

Hello! My name is Rosana Rabines! I'm a student, stationery enthusiast, and runner constantly reorganizing my life to make the most of my college experience in Chicago.

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