Write For Us

So you want to contribute?

You should write for us if you:

  • are a college student
  • have an authentic story to share
  • want to share your advice or experience with others


  • Check out a few articles! It’s an easy way to get a sense of our tone and the kind of stuff we like to publish.
  • 600-800 words, with section headings!
  • Including a title is really helpful.
  • Photos are not required, but welcomed as suggestions so long as you own the photo rights (or they are in the public domain).
  • Create a Gravatar.com account associated with your name, a headshot of you, and your submission email address.
  • Email all of this to contact.xoromedia@gmail.com

Submissions are reviewed regularly. When the submission is ready to be published, you’ll receive an expected publishing date, and a link so you can check it out and share the post on your social media channels.