Rosana Rabines grew up in a small town in Massachusetts before she started at the University of Chicago thinking she wanted to be a brain surgeon.

In 2016, during her second year of college, Rosana started a blog (which she named Xoxo, Rosana like anyone mid-Gossip Girl binge watching session would). Initially, the blog was a creative outlet and a space to share Bullet Journaling tips, but it quickly grew to challenge her to become the best version of herself that she could. Soon, friends started asking if they could share their own experiences facing the trials and tribulations of adulthood.

When guest posts became the norm, and with the launch of the podcast Get This Girl a Job, it was clear that it was more than just a blog. At the end of her third year, she launched Xoro Media, a content hub for the insatiable college woman.

Today, she studies Economics, Statistics and Latin American Studies at the University of Chicago. She loves to run, cook, and watch movies.



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