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How Much Does Your GPA Matter for Job Applications | Ask GTGAJ

The sixth episode of Get This Girl a Job is here! Katie and Rosana answer your questions about networking, references, and how to approach finding your first job.

Get This Girl a Job is a podcast that tries to demystify the job search by sharing the stories of recent college graduates as they made their way into the workforce for the first time! Ask GTGAJ is a special episode, that Katie and I co-host, where we try to answer your questions about your own job search. You can read more about GTGAJ here!

This week we answered:

How important in the presentation/layout of your resume vs. content?

from Emily at the University of Iowa

What do I do if I have big dreams, but my GPA just isn’t where I want it?

from Arushi at the University of Chicago


Alida’s two-minute tip this week answers:

How do you use your extracurriculars in the job search process?


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Special thanks to Emily and Arushi for their questions, to Alida Miranda-Wolff, for her two-minute tip, to Stephanie Dorris, who designed our logo, and to Parker Mee, who edited the episode.

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