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Informational Interviews for Nonprofits | GTGAJ S1E4 feat. Stephanie Miklaszewski

In this week’s episode of Get This Girl a Job, Rosana talks to Stephanie Miklaszewski about her journey to working for Junior Achievement of Chicago, a nonprofit in Chicago that teaches financial literacy to students k-12.

Get This Girl a Job in Nonprofits!

Stephanie graduated from UChicago in 2017. She juggled part time jobs and school, trying to find the right path for her and making the most of her time and effort. When she decided not to go to grad school, she had to scramble to find the right alternative. With the skills she had picked up through those part time jobs and her work with her sorority, and the advice of her career advisor, she started on a path to her first job as a Fundraiser for Junior Achievement Chicago.

Stephanie shares how she used informational interviews to find the right path and develop a network of nonprofit professionals that she can go back to and learn from. She focuses on what she learned from her extracurricular leadership positions, and how she used them in her process.

You can listen to the full episode and all of Stephanie’s advice on Soundcloud and iTunes!

Special thanks to Stephanie Miklaszewski for sharing her story, to Stephanie Dorris for designing our logo, and to Parker Mee, who edited this episode.

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